Ashleys Family Cache (AshesCache)
by Geo-Bishop

Cache Type: Geocache|Multi-Cache (offset) AshesCache (Visit Cache Page)
N 35° 08.867 W 106° 41.042
( 35.147783333333, -106.684033333333 )
Elevation: 1524 (m)

Location: New Mexico, United States
Hidden: 2005-09-05
Cache Size: Cache Size: Regular
Difficulty: Difficulty full-pointDifficulty full-point  Terrain: Terrain full-pointTerrain full-point

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My daughter Ashley (7yrs old) won a fully stocked .30 cal ammo can cache in a raffle at the Albuquerque Get Together (GCPQW9). She named the cache and I put together the multi-point cache steps.

This a fantastically stocked cache (thanks to Write Shop Robert). Everybody will find something they'll want out of it. Cool enough was that my daughter's nickname (Ash) was very appropriate to the area.

1. N35 08.867 W 106 41.042. There is a sign here. On 6/25/2003 a certain number of acres was destroyed in the fire. Take the day and add ten, then subtract that result from the number of acres burned. This will give you 'X'... Remember 'X', you'll need it later. You now need to go to (N 35 08.855 W 106 40.951) for your next clue.

2. At this location is a sign which lists people in various districts. Starting with the person in district 7 which would be "A", assign the remaining districts letters in the order they appear in the list. Make the number zero the last number in your list.

3. (N 35 JH.HIF W 106 BJ.HDI) If this were a fallen man, his head (which he's apparently lost) would be pointing at another tree who very nearly shared the same fate.

4. From here, look under the bark for a plastic baggy containing the coordinates to your next waypoint. Please be careful when replacing the baggy to wrap it tightly and make sure it'll stay in the same place you got it from.

5. From this waypoint, you need to go 'X' ft in the heading of HH degrees true North (it really won't be hard to figure out if you're a few degrees off).

6. You're here. Enjoy the cache! Again, thanks to Write Shop Robert for a great stash of goodies.

Hint: (hover over pencil to decrypt) None

GPSr Comment:

fallen, man, ashes, bosque, ash, tree, devtek, pcwize


The Plugge family found it on 2005-09-09

FTF!! Great cache - we really enjoyed it Ashley! One of your stages was really tough. We almost gave up, but perseverance paid off. Thanks for a really great hide. The Plugge family

SSBN616G found it on 2005-09-17

Nice hide Ashley! Enjoyed the walk in the bosque with GeoDiamond. TNLNSL.

Zuni Kid found it on 2005-09-20

Bueno! Nice hide and set of multi points. Coords on the money. TN L: Zuni Kid Geocaching Pin. Gracias

UnstrungQuartet found it on 2006-04-22

Thanks for a nice little explore. This was a really well thought out cache. T: Dino viewer L: Big Super Ball SL

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