Brockwell Park - Bridge (GC1D85E)
by Agrajag2007

Cache Type: Geocache|Traditional Cache GC1D85E (Visit Cache Page)
N 51° 27.054 W 0° 06.676
( 51.4509, -.111266666667 )

Location: , United Kingdom
Hidden: 2009-06-15
Cache Size: Cache Size: Micro
Difficulty: Difficulty full-point  Terrain: Terrain full-point

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Brockwell Park is a 128.5 acre (0.5 kmĀ²) park located in Herne Hill, bordered by Brixton Water Lane, Norwood Road, Tulse Hill and Dulwich Road in South London. It is home to the annual Lambeth Country Show. The park also commands great views of the skyline of the The City and Central London. At the top of the hill within the park stands Brockwell Hall.

Brockwell Hall was originally built between 1811-1813 when the area was part of Surrey and was the country seat of glass merchant John Blades Esq. The land and house was acquired by the London County Council (LCC) for public use in March 1891.
In 1899 the LCC acquired a further 43 acres of land north of the original park, so the park now borders Dulwich Road. In the 1920s, there were 13 cricket pitches in the park, which attracted crowds of up to 1,500.

This park gets very busy, there are loads of walkers, runners, dog walkers and cyclists, be aware of muggles.
The park is locked at night, during the summer that is 9pm. You are looking for a magnetic 35mm canister.

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