All BARK no bite (GC2348F)
by BubbyEarl

Cache Type: Geocache|Traditional Cache GC2348F (Visit Cache Page)
N 34° 10.816 W 79° 50.251
( 34.18026666666667, -79.83751666666667 )

Location: South Carolina, United States
Hidden: 2010-01-18
Cache Size: Cache Size: Regular
Difficulty: Difficulty full-point  Terrain: Terrain full-pointTerrain full-point

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This one is accessible via the Florence Rail Trail. Closest parking is near the EMS station at Ebenezer park.

Cache is a regular size container. Contents incude deck of cards, various kid stuff, and a geocoin for the FTF.

Hint: (hover over pencil to decrypt) None

GPSr Comment:

devtek, pcwize

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