CAM 2010 - Union Mills Homestead & Gristmill (GC24H8M)
by Maryland Geocaching Society

Cache Type: Geocache|LetterBox Hybrid GC24H8M (Visit Cache Page)
N 39° 40.025 W 77° 10.38
( 39.66708333333333, -77.173 )

Location: Maryland, United States
Hidden: 2010-03-01
Cache Size: Cache Size: Regular
Difficulty: Difficulty full-pointDifficulty full-point  Terrain: Terrain full-pointTerrain full-point

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Maryland Geocaching Society

Cache Across Maryland 2010
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This is one
of ten caches placed for the 2010 Cache Across Maryland. Each
location was picked specifically to give you a taste of the state
and show you just a part of its beauty. By combining all ten,
you'll be able to see why Maryland is truly "America in Miniature".
We hope you enjoy them!

The Union
Mills Homestead, built in 1797, in Carroll County is one of
Maryland’s truly unique historic landmarks.

Homestead began in 1797 when David and Andrew Shriver purchased a
large tract of land along the Big Pipe Creek. The site was perfect
for the enterprises that the Shriver brothers hoped to start. The
Big Pipe Creek provided an excellent source of water for a mill,
the fertile valley was good farmland and the surrounding rolling
hills contained heavy stands of black oak which could furnish
tanbark for a tannery.

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alt="Mill" />

Soon the
brothers entered into a contract with Frederick County millwright,
John Mong, to construct a set of mills, a grist mill and a saw
mill. Jacob Keefer and John Eckert were contracted “to mold
and burn a kiln of brick for the grist mill and to be paid one
French crown for every thousand brick.” Clay from the banks
of the Big Pipe Creek was used for molding the bricks. While the
Grist Mill and Saw Mill were under construction, David and Andrew
Shriver also started the main part of the house. Henry Kohlstock of
York County built a small double house with a connecting center
hall and front porch for the labor costs of $86. To these early
endeavors, the brothers added a tannery, cooper shop and a
blacksmith's shop. Now David and Andrew truly had the beginning of
an early industrial park. The growing enterprises soon took the
name “Union Mills” because of the partnership of the
two brothers and their various businesses. This is the same name
that the small settlement that grew around the Homestead

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alt="Bridge" />

hours: June 1 through August 31 - open Tuesday-Friday, 10 a.m. to 4
p.m., Saturday and Sunday, Noon to 4 p.m.. May and September - open
weekends, Noon to 4 p.m.

The posted
coordinates position you at a prominent feature of this mill.
Follow the source of its power until you come upon something NOT of
this era. Across you will find directions to the cache. At Stage 2
(small dam): Backtrack until you arrive at the ramp that crosses
the stream. Go up the hill in a SSE direction to the point of the
woods. Head in about 20-30 feet and use your geosenses.

Hint: (hover over pencil to decrypt) None

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