A Dog’s Day in the City (Auckland) (GC25206)
by barkingmadnz

Cache Type: Geocache|Traditional Cache GC25206 (Visit Cache Page)
N 36° 50.892 W 174° 46
( 36.8482, -174.76666666666667 )

Location: , New Zealand
Hidden: 2008-11-07
Cache Size: Cache Size: Small
Difficulty: Difficulty full-point  Terrain: Terrain full-pointTerrain full-pointTerrain full-point

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This is a multi waypoint puzzle cache loacted in downtown Auckland, with a dog theme. You will need to find the waypoints in order, as the coordinates for one are needed to solve the next.

The given coordinates (S 36° 50.892; E 174° 46.000) will put you on High Street in the vacinity of a doggy named professional, with a name very apt for geocaching. Now because this is the deep dark city, where the streets are narrow and the buildings are tall, to get you going we’ll give you a clue – the two numbers in the street address of this professional add up to 11. Once you find them you will need to read their plaque upon which you will find the information needed to find the first waypoint, a certain doggy retail shop.
The first waypoints coordinates are - 36° 50.AAA; E 174° 45.BBB
Where AAA is 892 – (the street number of the professional doggy business x 4)
Where BBB is 1000 – (the number of letters on the bottom line of the plaque)
(Note the change to E174° 45.??? for this waypoint only, all the rest are 46.???)

Now travel to waypoint 1 and look carefully for the required retail business and there you will find some details to the second waypoin. Then once your doggy retail fix is complete its time to meet your strong, bronzed cousins at waypoint 2.

The second waypoints coordinates are - 36° 50.CCC; E 174° 46.DDD
Where CCC is AAA – [(no of small square glass windows above the retail doorway) – 2]
Where DDD is BBB – (The year this retail chain was registered – 1045)

Now head off to waypoint 2, but as we all know when lots of dogs get together there can be fighting, so best you hop along quickly to waypoint 3 where you can see the real enemy across the street. Again the information you need to find waypoint 3 is at waypoint 2, so pay close attention and then work out the way forward.

The third waypoints coordinates are 36° 50.EEE; E 174° 46.FFF
Where EEE is CCC + [(21 x no of blue square'ish stained glass windows found at the premises of waypoint two) +3]
Where FFF is DDD + [(street number of of waypoint two x 12) -3]

Ok if you’ve made it to waypoint three, growl a bit and show off your nasty teeth and eyeball the enemy’s home up close. They’ll probably run away allowing you to get all the information you need so you can move on to the cache.

Now to find the cache you need to move to coordinates 36° 50.GGG; E 174° 46.HHH
Where GGG is EEE + (last three digits of the enemy’s phone number - 677)
Where HHH is FFF - (number of letters in the enemy’s motto x 9)

Now with the final coordinates in hand it times to head for the cache. You might be tired after your long day in the city so make sure you don’t stumble as you climb the stairs. The cache could be a tricky find so best you keep your eyes open and look up, down and all around and there could be plenty of humans around too, so best you sniff out the cache and retrieve when its quiet.

The cache is a 250ml black covered crew-top jar, please replace as found

hint: [Start] – your Honour!
[WP1] – sniff up and down in the hound’s door
[WP2] – should not be a problem
[WP3] – you might like to stop here if the day is hot
[Final] – mag., look below the blue door

Hint: (hover over pencil to decrypt) None

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