Abraham Lincoln: The Presidents Series (GC2CY3T)
by honolulululu

Cache Type: Geocache|Traditional Cache GC2CY3T (Visit Cache Page)
N 21° 25.135 W 157° 44.851
( 21.41891666666667, -157.74751666666667 )

Location: Hawaii, United States
Hidden: 2010-08-05
Cache Size: Cache Size: Small
Difficulty: Difficulty full-point  Terrain: Terrain full-point

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Small lock & lock container. Please re-hide well.

This is the sixteenth in our new series The Presidents, for the State of Hawaii. We also placed a Presidents Series in San Geronimo Valley, Northern California, in 2009.
We are placing these caches on the windward side because we think it is so beautiful over here, and Kailua beach is the best!

PLEASE NOTE: Be sure to make note of the code number in this cache, you will need it to find the Bonus cache which will be placed for those who visit all 44 caches in this series. We will be placing President Obama's cache in a very special place!

Presidential dollar for first to find!

Hint: End of the line.

Hint: (hover over pencil to decrypt) None

GPSr Comment:

devtek, pcwize

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