Leap Frog Anyone? (GC3D9JW)
by gmoney85306

Cache Type: Geocache|Traditional Cache GC3D9JW (Visit Cache Page)
N 33° 37.469 W 112° 10.682
( 33.62448333333333, -112.17803333333333 )

Location: Arizona, United States
Hidden: 2012-02-25
Cache Size: Cache Size: Regular
Difficulty: Difficulty full-pointDifficulty full-point  Terrain: Terrain full-pointTerrain full-point

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Cache is near one of the finest graduate schools in the world. The cache contains a log, pencil, travel bug, numerous amphibians and $1 for the FTF. There is plenty of parking.

Not behind the gate

Hint: (hover over pencil to decrypt) Not behind the gate
Abg oruvaq gur tngr

GPSr Comment:

devtek, pcwize

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