Only One (GCMEBV)
by Rathard

Cache Type: Geocache|Traditional Cache GCMEBV (Visit Cache Page)
S 33° 56.822 E 151° 09.535
( -33.947033333333, 151.158916666667 )
Elevation: 0 (m)

Location: , Australia
Hidden: 2005-06-01
Cache Size: Cache Size: Regular
Difficulty: Difficulty full-point  Terrain: Terrain full-point

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Only One

Are you tired of not finding the nanocache at WP9 because you didn't allow for continental drift? Would you like to do a cache where you don't have to translate a clue in Klingon back into the original Arabic?

Then this is the Only One for you! No clues, no puzzles. Just a cache.

Waypoints - Only One
Terrain Rating - Only One
Difficulty Rating - Only One

Detailed Instructions:
Find the cache. (A bit of stealth may be required).

Hint: (hover over pencil to decrypt) It's not in the tree, but under the biggest. It's not in the water, but quite near.
Vg'f abg va gur gerr, ohg haqre gur ovttrfg. Vg'f abg va gur jngre, ohg dhvgr arne.

GPSr Comment:

OnlyOne, devtek, pcwize

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