L!zzardpower #1 (GCMWEW)
by lizzardman

Cache Type: Geocache|Traditional Cache GCMWEW (Visit Cache Page)
N 53° 24.403 W 2° 11.929
( 53.406716666667, -2.198816666667 )

Location: , United Kingdom
Hidden: 2005-02-20
Cache Size: Cache Size: Micro
Difficulty: Difficulty full-pointDifficulty full-pointDifficulty full-pointDifficulty full-pointDifficulty full-point  Terrain: Terrain full-point

Download Icon GPX file   (built by the PCWize GPX Generator)

This is the first of a series of caches based along the River Mersey in South Manchester. The caches take their inspiration from the Austin Power series, so don't expect them to be straightforward! It is possible to do them all in one visit - if you're up to it!

With this cache you will definitely need to think outside the box. There is no pencil, so please bring your own!

Clues will be sent after a DNF is posted. Good luck!

Please note that I use this cache to store my stock of geocoins - there are no coins at this cache - which if you find it, you'll understand why!!!

Hint: (hover over pencil to decrypt) None

GPSr Comment:

devtek, pcwize

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