SageBrush Inn (GCQ1QY)
by Geo-Bishop

Cache Type: Geocache|Multi-Cache (offset) GCQ1QY (Visit Cache Page)
N 36° 22.266 W 105° 35.862
( 36.3711, -105.5977 )
Elevation: 2113.1784 (m)

Location: New Mexico, United States
Hidden: 2005-08-07
Cache Size: Cache Size: Regular
Difficulty: Difficulty full-pointDifficulty full-pointDifficulty full-point  Terrain: Terrain full-point

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While attending a medical conference at the SageBrush Inn in Taos where my dad and I have been running the conference A/V system for a number of years, I was disappointed to discover that the town of Taos doesn't have many caches. We've known the owners of the SageBrush Inn for a number of years so it seemed only reasonable to see if they were interested in me hosting a cache on their property.

After explaining what Geocaching was and how it worked, they were pretty excited about the prospect and agreed to dump the occasional free breakfast and discount room prizes into the cache from time to time

This is a multi-stage cache whos purpose is to take you on a tour of the grounds where you'll have to solve a puzzle at each stop to find the next waypoint.

Initial contents include my signature hematite "V", two 'AA' batteries, some assorted mini-toys, and since I was here at a medical conference, I dumped a bunch of drug representative swag in there too. There is also a great FTF prize of one free night at the SageBrush Inn ($100 value). The owners have agreed to drop in certificates on occasion for a free night in the hotel and for free breakfasts, so even if you aren't the FTF, you might get lucky and pick up one of the gift certificates later on.

This cache was heavily inspired by the original Albuquerque Ghost Town Tour as it was my first geocache and I really enjoyed it. One thing I will tell you about this cache is that doing it at night is going to make it difficult to find some of the items you're looking for in order to get the coordinates to the next waypoint. You will be travelling all over the hotel grounds on a kind of tour.

Here's how this cache works. The coordinates of this cache are for the starting point. Once there, you'll need to read through the clues for each waypoint to discover a number which you'll need to use in the coordinates for the next waypoint. For example.

Let's say you're at the starting point, and the first clue was "From this vantage point, you need to look for a large PVC cap. Once you find the cap, you'll see three groups of numbers. Take the first number of the middle set which you'll replace the letter A in the next coordinate."

Your next waypoint from the starting point might look like:

N 35 23.A56
W 105 12.7AA

Now let's say on the PVC cap you say the following three groups of numbers "185 37 193932" and you need the first number of the middle set, which in this case is '3', so you'd replace all the 'A's in the coordinates with '3'.

N 35 23.356
W 105 12.733

So now you go to those coordinates and read the clues to get the numbers for the next waypoint, which might look like:

N 35 23.AGE
W 105 12.BIE

You'll initially be collecting numbers for coordinates, but then things will change and you'll be solving riddles and going in a certain heading for 'x' number of feet.

Here's a handy chart to keep track of what letter corresponds to which number:


_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

So... Let's get to the clues.

1. Starting point - N 36 22.266 W 105 35.862
On a structure at this location you'll find a single word printed on it. Count the number of letters in this word and replace any 'A's in following waypoint coordinates with that number. Now, look around for a large printed number with a funny first digit and ends with 'A'. hint: It's not on the same structure.

When you find the number, ignore the funny first digit, and since you've already got 'A', you can ignore the last digit too. The remaining two digits are 'B' and 'C' respectively.

2. The Spa - N 36 22.1BC W 105 3A.B1C
A nice relaxing spot to rest after a long hard day of geocaching. If you're staying the night at the SageBrush Inn, you'll want to bring your bathing suit.

At this waypoint you'll see three very obvious sets of digits in plain sight. The third set (on the right) is 'D' and 'E' respectively.

3. A shady spot - N 36 22.1DD W 105 35.B0B
After a nice soak in the spa, your kids will enjoy running around in this courtyard.

Find the room on the first floor in which the room number has three identical digits in it. Walk towards the room and look up and to the SW where you'll see another room number. The last digit in that room number is 'F'.

4. Try not to get run over - N 36 22.14D W 105 35.8DA
Across the street is an arch of sorts with a two digit number over it. The last digit is 'G'. Add those two digits to get 'H'. Now look around on your side of the street for a similar arch which has 'H' multiplied by '2' on it. This number is 'I'. Go stand under the number 'I' on the arch. Without leaving this spot, find the stars where light might shine through. hint: it's not the flag. When you find it count the horseshoes hanging above the door. That number will be 'J'.

5. Another opportunity to get run over - N 36 22.EFJ W 105 35.ICF
You might lose your kids at this point because they're going to want to check out the patio and the pool right near here. Your clue: Look for the big Zia symbol and face it. Stick out your left arm and it'll be pointing in the direction you need to head next. Walk for 280' in that direction in which you'll be looking for a break in the hitching post where you might give your horse a drink.

6. You might need a wrench, but I guess you could water your horse here. The tree you're standing under I like to call the raven. Nevermind that the birds that actually inhabit this tree at dusk and dawn aren't actually ravens, but I wouldn't suggest parking your car or even standing here for too long unless you're interested in a white-wash. If you're here at dusk or dawn, this tree is packed with birds causing quite a ruckus. Your next clue: Walk the path by the light of the silvery moons. hint: There's only one right path and you need to follow it to the end. another hint: Simon and Garfunkel - Feeling Groovy - second verse.

7. Ok... Now what? Oh... I guess you want the last clue huh? Ok.. In the land of the wooden fence, this one is not. Once you find it, start looking around. The name of the hotel might be a helpful hint.

I really hope you enjoy this cache as much as my dad and I enjoyed creating it.

I'd really like to thank our friends and owners of the SageBrush Inn for allowing us to host a cache on their property. They're a fantastic couple who run a great place with a wonderful staff.

If you take any pictures here, try not to post ones which will spoil the hunt. If you get one of the certificates for a free night or breakfast, I definitely want a picture of you holding the certificate which I'll put up on my website for this cache.

Hint: (hover over pencil to decrypt) Lots of plays on words
Ybgf bs cynlf ba jbeqf

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The Plugge Family found it on 2005-08-27

Spent the week-end at Coyote Creek State Park and decided to go after this cache. We had a fun time wandering around trying to figure out the clues. One of us had a really hard time with reading comprehension! Finally found it though and are looking forward to using our FTF prize in the coming months. Thanks for a fun, great hide!

Geo-Bishop note on 2006-06-29

Well, the cache was muggled so I put a new one out very near the original location. The new location should provide adequate cover to prevent muggling again. Geo-Bishop

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