Nea Kameni (WM25AR)
by janomi

Cache Type: Geocache|Virtual Cache WM25AR (Visit Cache Page)
N 36° 24.09 E 25° 23.39
( 36.4015, 25.389833333333 )

Location: , Greece
Hidden: 2007-09-07
Cache Size: Cache Size: Virtual
Difficulty: Difficulty full-point  Terrain: Terrain full-point

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Quick Description: This cache is located at the top of Nea Kameni, the volcanic island which is surrounded by Santorini. From here, you have a spectacular view of many surrounding islands and a chance to see a wonderful sunset.

Long Description:

Nea Kameni is a small uninhabited Greek island of volcanic origin located in the Bay of Santorini. It was first formed in 16th century through volcanic eruptions, and was enlarged the same way. The last (small) eruption happened in 1950. It is nearly round and has a diameter of approximately 2 kilometers and an area of 3.4 kilometers.

The nearly barren island is visited daily by dozens of tourist boats throughout the summer. The visitors then take to climbing a path to 150 meter high volcanic crater, from which a sulfurous smoke rises, that transforms the environment into a "yellow wasteland".

Recent archaeological findings, along with connected factual findings on the Island of Crete, have led some to propose that this may be the fabled "Lost City of Atlantis". As described by Plato in his writing, an advanced trading civilization lived on this island. The area that now surrounds this island as water was once all land. The civilization was literally destroyed overnight. Archaeological findings indicate that this culture had trade with the Egyptians, mainland Europe, and even the Middle East. They had running water in individual homes, complete with baths and rudimentary but functional toilets, a full thousand years before Romans. Undoubtedly Plato would have thought these people as advanced, and wealthy beyond imagination.

We surely hope you enjoy the view.
Volcano Type: Shield Volcano

Volcano Location: Island Arc

Year of most recent activity: 1950

Crater Visible?: yes

Geyser/Hot Spring Visible?: yes

Visit Instructions:
To log a waymark in this category you must include a photo of yourself and the volcano.

Hint: (hover over pencil to decrypt) a zase fotečka
n mnfr sbgrčxn

GPSr Comment:

devtek, pcwize


retro1 found it on 2009-06-11

Sometimes we forget "Waymarking" but now I do it. Very interesting place.

small oaks found it on 2005-05-21

It was may in year 2005 about two years before this waymark was published we were on our honeymoon in Santorini and made a boat trip to Nea kameni. What a place and what memories we have from there. We climbed on top of the Nea Kameni to see the view. I took lots of pictures of Nea Kameni. Quite few were without us both but I hope this counts for visited log. My wife is in this picture as I was taking them.

caffiend42 found it on 1999-10-07

Visited in Oct 97.

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