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The following coordinate input formats are supported:

  • Decimal Degrees i.e. 35.1482 -106.7152
  • Degrees Minutes (Deg° Min') i.e. N35 8.894 W106 42.913
  • Degrees Minutes Seconds (Deg° Min' Sec") i.e. N35 8 53.64 W106 42 54.78

There have been 832 coordinate manipulations to date.


Decimal Degrees
35.1482, -106.7152 - View at  Google Maps |  Mapquest
Deg° Min'
N35° 8.894' W106° 42.913'

Deg° Min' Sec"
N35° 8' 53.64" W106° 42' 54.78"

Calculate the distance between two waypoints (as the crow flies)

Sorry, at the moment this only accepts coordinates in Decimal Degrees. I'll get it up to speed to support the same inputs as the converter soon.

Waypoint 1 Latitude
Waypoint 1 Longitude
Waypoint 2 Latitude
Waypoint 2 Longitude