Welcome to the PCWize GPX Generator

This page exists because I wanted a way for people to easily be able to generate a GPX file of any waypoint that they have marked and want to share with others. Once you've submitted all the information for your cache, it will be available for you to download. If you want your .GPX file to be available for others to download, you *must* uncheck the "DON'T SAVE" checkbox before submitting.

If you are generating a GPX file for a cache you've placed on Geocaching.com, then you'll need a few pieces of information from your Geocaching.com account as follows:

Once your cache is created, do not enter log entries from Geocaching.com unless you have the permission of the person who wrote the log entry. Log entries are copyrighted by the person who posted them.

You might be thinking why should you use this tool vs. downloading the Geocache from Geocaching.com as a .GPX and then putting that up on your site or e-mailing it around to friends and family. The main reason is that the Terms of Service on the Geocaching.com website prohibit you disseminating in whole or part the .GPX file obtained from them. This also means that you can't import the .GPX for your cache into another program like EasyGPS or GSAK, export it, and distribute that file. So, this tool exists to allow you to input all the information for your Geocache and share it any way you want with whomever you want.

Note: While Geocaching.com's TOS prohibits further distribution of the .GPX you obtained from them, the information you put into Geocaching.com about your cache is still owned by you, so you are not doing anything illegal by using this.

Everything in the Required area is, well, required. The Optional field is just that, optional. Finally, if you don't want to save your .GPX file on my server for others to view (or you're just testing this), please check the box next to the Submit button to not save it. This will write the .GPX file to a temp folder which gets cleaned out on a regular basis.

I fixed a couple serious bugs recently. See the changelog

Required Information
Waypoint ID  
Waypoint Name  
Date Placed  i.e. 09/04/2006
Latitude  i.e. 01 07.123
Longitude  i.e. 003 07.008
Placed By  
Waypoint Type  
Waypoint Size  
 1  1.5  2  2.5  3  3.5  4  4.5  5   
 1  1.5  2  2.5  3  3.5  4  4.5  5   
State *Only if U.S.  
Zip (5 digit) *Only if U.S.  

Optional Information
Elevation (m) ft m  

   DON'T SAVE (i.e. Only Testing - uncheck if you want to save your .GPX on this server)