WP1 (RedBeast1)
by Red Beast

Cache Type: Geocache|Unknown (Mystery) Cache RedBeast1 (Visit Cache Page)
S 33° 47.933 E 150° 56.36
( -33.79888333333333, 150.93933333333333 )
Elevation: 200 (m)

Location: , Australia
Hidden: 2010-03-28
Cache Size: Cache Size: Small
Difficulty: Difficulty full-pointDifficulty full-point  Terrain: Terrain full-pointTerrain full-pointTerrain full-point

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Denistone Roller Coaster

Parking Available at WP1. Bring Bikes and zoom down the hill. Adventurous types can go over the jumps in the bush. Play on the swings and count the different number of bird species (we’ve counted 31).

WP1 – S 33° 47.933 E 151° 05.636
WP2 - S 33° 47.892 E 151° 05.501

At WP1 calculate the difference between:

A - Hobart and The Hermitage =
B – Denistone House and The Hermitage =
C – Ryde Police Station and St Ane’s Anglican Church =

Now, from where you are, head in the direction of the Clyde Oil Refinery until you reach a sea of bark.

At the sea of bark, look around you until you find what looks like a sun and its rays.

D – Count the number of Rays =

Head to WP2

E – Count the number of steel poles supporting the balcony

You now have all the data to calculate the location of the Red Beast Cache.

Red Beast South Co-ordinate:

Calculate A+B+C and minus this from the last three digits of the south co-ordinate of WP1.

Red Beast East Co-ordinate:

Calculate (D*D*E)-1. Substitute these three digits with the last three digits of the east co-ordinate of Wp1

Check sum (add individual numbers from the south and east co-ordinates of the cache location): S:33, E:35


Decryption Key


Hint: (hover over pencil to decrypt) Hollow

GPSr Comment:

Denistone, devtek, pcwize

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